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May Dyeing Post #

New Eco Dyes!! This is such a fun process to explore as a dyer.


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May Chicken Post #

So alot of the Chickens are really growing into their own:


Silkie Frizzle Crosss-Sizzle no Sizzle                                   Olive Egger Maran Cross

Then of Course Pearl ( Beat Boop) Butterbeard hatched what I hope is the last clutch of Eggs yesterday

                                                       Pearl ButterBeard with Little One

Then nice pair of Frizzles I got last year cant be crossed with each other. So the Handsome Male Dr. Frazzle has been Crossed with Numerous hens. I think his lady Frizzela has been crossed too but her little head is going bald.
           Dr. Frazzle                                                    Frizzela


Baby Olive Eggers of Course

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Pineapple custard

One of the tastiest things I remember from being a kid was Pineapple Custard:

Pineapple Custard

1-16 oz can pine apple
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup flour
3 egg yolks
3tablespoons lemon juice
3/4 cup milk
3 egg whites

Mix everything but egg whites in a blender
Beat egg whites until stiff in 8x8 glass pan
Slowly fold in pine apple mixture last 1/4 of you can our in. Set in 9. X13 pan add boiling water around custard dish.
Bake 325 f for 40 min . Enjoy hot r cold

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Birds Causing Trouble

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Samson, Carrot CAke jam and Cinnamon

So Samson is what our friend named Wally s baby.. Who I am starting to think is from the Olive Egger I butchered rather then Wally. But  he definitely is half Silkie.... Hmmm who knows if well keep him.

                                                                    That's Right  that is Carrot Cake jam By Humboldt Hens


Cinnamon for mom. Don't ask

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New Farm Stand

So since we took the truck down south we needed a new farm stand.

Ta Da.. Its a boat!!

So if you need Eggs                                       Or                        JAm

Oh and of course I am still loving combing.

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Wow we had an amazing guild meeting. It was great.

Malika Rubin-Davis

Shared Cordage spinning with all of use from the guild.

This was great because I feel like it was very interactive for our guild.

I can't quite remember what fibers were which but one was Flax, nettle and I think sinue???

So we separated out fibers which was a little bit harder then I was planning on.Ah ha see the little bit of fiber?

Its a hard new skill, Im just gonna leave it at that.

But I am so glad that she came out and taught us all a new skill

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Natural Fiber Fair

So last year I was a vendor at the Natural Fiber Fair. This year I was on the Committee and helped at Aunt Janet's Fiber Mill, booth!

Aunt Janet teaching someone how to use a Chakra

This guy was awesome!!! He used a piece of bull Kelp to make a horn

Janet using the long draw.

Of Course mom too a blurry photo of me.

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