May Chicken Post #

So alot of the Chickens are really growing into their own:


Silkie Frizzle Crosss-Sizzle no Sizzle                                   Olive Egger Maran Cross

Then of Course Pearl ( Beat Boop) Butterbeard hatched what I hope is the last clutch of Eggs yesterday

                                                       Pearl ButterBeard with Little One

Then nice pair of Frizzles I got last year cant be crossed with each other. So the Handsome Male Dr. Frazzle has been Crossed with Numerous hens. I think his lady Frizzela has been crossed too but her little head is going bald.
           Dr. Frazzle                                                    Frizzela


Baby Olive Eggers of Course

Samson, Carrot CAke jam and Cinnamon

So Samson is what our friend named Wally s baby.. Who I am starting to think is from the Olive Egger I butchered rather then Wally. But  he definitely is half Silkie.... Hmmm who knows if well keep him.

    That's Right  that is Carrot Cake Jam                                   


New Farm Stand

So since we took the truck down south we needed a new farm stand.

Ta Da.. Its a boat!!

So if you need Eggs                                       Or                        JAm

Oh and of course I am still loving combing.

Cordage Spinning w/ Malika Rubin-Davis-Humboldt Handweavers and Spinners Guild

Wow we had an amazing guild meeting. It was great.

Malika Rubin-Davis

Shared Cordage spinning with all of use from the guild.

This was great because I feel like it was very interactive for our guild.

I can't quite remember what fibers were which but one was Flax, nettle and I think sinue???

So we separated out fibers which was a little bit harder then I was planning on.Ah ha see the little bit of fiber?

Its a hard new skill, Im just gonna leave it at that.

But I am so glad that she came out and taught us all a new skill

Natural Fiber Fair

So last year I was a vendor at the Natural Fiber Fair. This year I was on the Committee and helped at Aunt Janet's Fiber Mill, booth!

Aunt Janet teaching someone how to use a Chakra

This guy was awesome!!! He used a piece of bull Kelp to make a horn

Janet using the long draw.

Of Course mom too a blurry photo of me.

Kauai Land of the Chooks

SO made it to Kauai got to say I love it. The Climate is perfect and there are poultry in all the right places.

So yeah did I mention that there are chickens everywhere? I liked the nice beaches too, but what I really loved was all the CHooks. the food was good too.

Of course I bought some lovely art while I was there too, it was great and I fell in love with Chicken art all over again.

Of course reminders and tributes to Andy Irons can be found

                                                                                    Red Footed Boobies!!

 Me with Chooks in the background                         Chili Cook Off

 It was really hard for me to leave. I could really call this place home.
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 Finished up the Fair. I love the Fair. Its one of my Favorite times of the Year. I promised my mum I wouldn't post pictures of her so you'll have to trust me the fair is awesome. I picked much of my Crab Apples before I left, and have a sad feeling that my Plums will be past when I'm back.

( As long as all 120 some odd chickens and pet chickens and the goats are ok, well then I guess I'm ok with the fact that some fruit might spoil).  We had Baby Fluffa Puffs born ( Sizzles to be exact cross between a Frizzle and a Silkie) I am not sure we need 12 but well they hatched.

I am going on a small trip to the great island of Kauai. The reason I can't wait to go is there are Chickens Every where. Im very excited for this and have posted on facebook about all the chicken post people seem to talk about. In Preparation,  A Chevy truck was driven down from Humboldt. It arrived and I am leaving it at that.
 I got a pedicure, never had one in my life and it was very nice. The lady told me that i had soft feet. I smiled and told her thanks you, I didn't think that she needed to know I wear Muck Boots all the time.


Natural Rhythm

I dont know if it is because I grew up on a farm or not, but I love growing and raising my own food. The more time I spend on my place the more I think that I couldn't live any other way.Having our own berries for jellys and cobbler, cant be beat by anything I buy in the store. The Goats are going to be winter food, and we will use up every part of them for sausages and stews. The chooks lay eggs and occasionaly they get injured nad are culled if they aren't diseased. It seems like the natural rhythm of life , and quite frankly I loovee it, and don't care if I financially poor either. I am sure sometimes it becomes really overwheming but I love it.

It was sort of hard to get all the Crab Apples I needed this year, the Chooks would run over and gobble them down in the morning so I had to collect them before they were out. But I left all the damaged ones for my Kiwi Bird who loved them so much. I used my new steam Juicer to colelct the Juice and it was so easy.

Poor Luigi though hes not better yet, and I don't want to cull him just beacuse we are going to Kauai. I love him but it would put alot of pressure on a pet sitter to watch him. I think he has gout and not bumble foot.