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Nope I m still around

So have been missing in action a lot. Painting was cut short due to dental work.


Went to dinner with an old friend and his new Girl Friend. Went to Bless my soul café I had the pulled pork that was delicious, with Black magic pudding. ( and two bottles of wine it was so tasty).

I went and picked apples. Made lots of apple sauce. Chunky, one with sugar one with Honey.


Then I spun some yarn for Heather at work. IT is a pound. It took me about 6 ish hours ( with people coming into the store.) I spun and plied four ounces.

Started dating having (relations?)someone new. Think I have to dump  stop seeing them.

I bought a Phatfiber box ( can’t wait until this comes)

The Chickens are getting big and fluffy.

I Found Miss Puff who I thought was missing.

Had a critique in  Graphic design and Ceramics

A test in Anime and Italian Renaissance.

Thanks to my sister for letting me know about Hulu. I was able to catch up on my shows that my tivo didn’t pick up.( East Wick, Cougar town and Flash-forward).

Tags: apple sauce, apples, bless my soul cafe, handspun yarn, phatfiber

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