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Spinners Lead at BSG.

   So these are Trishs Interns, well I should say Tanglewoods interns.

Emily                                                and                     Mariel

Then here is Trish                                              Becky. I had a picture of steven but... Dunno where it is


Ok So encase you have no idea what Spinners lead is ( well why the hell would you be reading this blog???) it is a class or even at Sheep shows where the person has made something from the wool of their sheep

                                             ( Yes I am aware that these pictures are blurry)





Then there came the Blue Face Leicester part ( they had a separate one)



Here is a picture of ACe from my Home Spinning Guild. HE looks like he caught a ball of wool ( hes on the left) and Janet of Aunt Janets Fiber mill is on the far right.



Tags: black sheep gatehring, fiber interns, pipn, spinner's lead, tangelwood fiber creations

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