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BSG Workshops

Ok I am not so good at doing LJ journal entries if you can give me help about frames around pictures of such or how to the entries to a separate page behind a cut please be nice enough to let me know.

IF you read my last entry you know that I took two Classes from Judith Mackenzie McCuin. The first one that I took was Three wild downs: Bison, Yak and Cashmere. ( a Lady was nice enough to bring some Qiviut ( Musk Ox) from Portland Zoo and she had it processed ( dehaired?). We had spun White, Brown Yak, Bison and different types of cashmere. A very nice lady also brought in a few Chinchillas for us to look at as well as some roving with chinchilla/cormo and the other had chinchilla/silk/ cormo. Thank you I think I might have never had the opportunity to spin this.

Silly me didn't label what each thing was I had just spun them on different bobbins and then Navajo Plied them all. The little skein on the right is the chinchilla. They were very fluffy and I still need to full them.

 While in this class I met two lady’s who had these gorgeous wheels, they are by a lady called Betty Roberts. Now I had never heard of this name but found out that there is a Yahoo group. After googling the names and hearing of two lady’s that seem to pop up every where causing great interest in them. I am convinced I might have met these same mysterious spinners who show up letting you see one of these beautiful wheels, then your hooked you want one. Unfortunately I didn't get these lady’s names if you are them let me know and I will give you credit these beautiful wheel seem to have flowers and butterflies underneath glass?




Then spent lunch hurriedly running around the Market place. They were going to close at 4 which was when the workshops ended.

Second Workshop Lichen Dyeing. Now I live in Humboldt County ( northern California between the redwoods and the coast). This was so great because we have lots of lichens. Judith covers lichens to collect and not to collect and the correct use of them and their and over environmental role with them. We used tow types of lichen and use white and grey wool leaving them in for different periods of time. So we each got to take a few skeins.

Mom had done Eye candy and I am going to show pictures becuase every time I try to show her how to do something she gets frustrated I am so proud of her taking this class with Judy Overbeek. HTe one on the left her is a thick and thin, left is a slubs.

                                                                                              The one on the left is a Feathered Right is suppose to be a boucle ( we had a conversation about moahir or not)

 the top one is a Encased and the bottom is beaded. Mom You did a great job and I know you had fun.
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