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Santa Monica Fiber fest-Michael Cook and Judith Mackenzie McCuin

Yeah well after a long trip back to Arcata with the Sonata and a rolly luggage as a carry on ( please dont ask how I managed this). I still am unsure if I can stay because a teacher still ahsn't let me know about getting into a major calss. But I have pictures. I need to post one of the wonderful sock yarn I made but I just brought the flash chip not the camera.
         So this all happened at the Santa Monica FIber Fest:

            I took  Judith MacKenzie McCuin  class on how to make sock yarn, a three ply of course and it was wonderful. Lets see what pictures I have.

So in general Santa Monica was ok ( did I mention that it took me two hours to get there and three to get home and that I about died? Ok just checking Oh and when I got home I found out my dad was in the hospital) , The fiber was lacking  ( sorry I forgot to take those pictures, but see BSG for CH) there were only about three booths but one of them was Carolina Homespun, who doesn't love Morgaine? She is a great lady and had everything we could need.

But then there was Also Michael Cook of Wormspit. Who while I have raise some of his more exotic silk moths it was great to meet him in person. But unfortunately I only got a brief demo with Morgaine and Judith because we were out lunch break and by the time we got done he was gone. But wow does he know his silk, talking to him and Judith is like talking to an encyclopedia. My mom took his silk reeling class the next day and she said it was great!. I was going to take pictures of her stuff but I forgot and she is down south and I am up north. No picture f him but here is his set up: 

I always have so much fun at a fiber even ans seem to learn so much. It was worth coming back up for.


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