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Sock Yarn, Lichens, Lavander Cookies, Tea

Hi all still do not know what I am doing about school
 My aunt Emailed me that my other Aunt probley won't live out the week, she has Breast Cancer that tunred in to Brain cancer. SO I am trying to keep busy to not hink of things like that. I wouldn't want anyone to think I am heartless I just can't handle much of people dying nand being sick anymore.

 So I took some pictures. one is of my lichens whihc I  collected last week and the first kind turned out yellow so I over dyed it with a browner  one? But like anyonw oculd tell right? this is suppose to be a sock yarn which i was then going to ply OR something for the YArn museum if I get my butt into gear.

Next Picture of sock yarn as promised Sorry I was trying to catch the bus to school.



So then are some pictures of some sock yarn I have been making at the market, from some fiber that I got in a sampler like thing I am not so sure if It works well see. 
 Ywah I know all this sock yarn and not socks tell me about it. 
 So here was my reward :

 Yes Yummy Yummy lacey cookies with white chocolate and Lavander on top goes great accompanyied by : Teas gotten on trip wither Princess Grey ( roses grey tea and lavender):

Tags: lavander cookies, lichen dyes, sock yarn, tea

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