monkeyspinner (monkeyspinner) wrote,

The last Farmers MArket

The weather threaten us all day, but Sherri and I were not to be detoured from the very last Farmers Market

 Almost everyone that had ordered hats as far back as pastels came to get their hats. We both sat at on the sides of the table under the unbrella in the even it would rain. I think we had too much Coffee as we were a little crabby. I had brought my little Vikki ( louet Vicotria), and I spun I a long draw rather then the fine worsted sock yarn I had been working on for almost a month of the Farmers market.

For the fact that a big storm was suppose to break any moment all day long it  was a pretty darn good market. The band was something Striped Pig string band ( I am at a Café where the internet  isnt ‘ideal.).

 I spun lots of yarn, my mystery  batt from my exchange ( which I still haven’t gotten Octobers let alone, Novemebrs and every time I try to email them or the people in charge  nothing happens). Then I spun some local Brown Alpacas that I had processed last year and then some that Sherri let me have Grey Alpaca and then Some Blue Faced Leisciter.

Sock yarn that I have been working on FOREVER and it still isn't done". But thanks to

neko_san for letting me know about Librivox ( free audio books) so I had the strength to finish the sock yarn and not smack anyone at the market. I listened to Age of Innocence which i have read almost all of Edith Whartons other books but not that one.



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