August 25th, 2013


 Finished up the Fair. I love the Fair. Its one of my Favorite times of the Year. I promised my mum I wouldn't post pictures of her so you'll have to trust me the fair is awesome. I picked much of my Crab Apples before I left, and have a sad feeling that my Plums will be past when I'm back.

( As long as all 120 some odd chickens and pet chickens and the goats are ok, well then I guess I'm ok with the fact that some fruit might spoil).  We had Baby Fluffa Puffs born ( Sizzles to be exact cross between a Frizzle and a Silkie) I am not sure we need 12 but well they hatched.

I am going on a small trip to the great island of Kauai. The reason I can't wait to go is there are Chickens Every where. Im very excited for this and have posted on facebook about all the chicken post people seem to talk about. In Preparation,  A Chevy truck was driven down from Humboldt. It arrived and I am leaving it at that.
 I got a pedicure, never had one in my life and it was very nice. The lady told me that i had soft feet. I smiled and told her thanks you, I didn't think that she needed to know I wear Muck Boots all the time.