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Scarves/ Socks/ Yarn and cookies

 Eck! I know when you’re in College you suppose to love coming home and visiting family…… well, yes sort of. There was much cookie making yesterday of sheep’s and mushrooms cookies ( yes we like that here), but a moment of uncomfortableness was felt when  Christian nieces asked what a pagan was, and mom said they worship the Devil Save was made by Aunt "ME" by saying that while Christian find magic in god, pagans find magic in nature. Ten year old niece was def. confused.Siblings offsping can't kill them or tell them the truth.

But there was lots of fiberish stuff, I bought 390 yards of Twisted Sister sock yarn while at the Temecula Valley Yarn Company to make, well hopefully socks. But mom said she would divide it, and I know we had this math talk for a few and I explained to her that half of that would be 195 and half of that would be 95 ) a circular skein is really two yards. Well mom did it while I was sleeping therefore proving that no one in my life ever listens to what I say. I want them the same pattern you know!



Secondly despite changing  the needles a quarter of the ways through on Satans scarf, it looks ok. But I know I should take it out,No I wasn't making shadow pupets it  just  happened.


Also need to spin yarn and make hat for dad before Xmas, wanted to make a crew type but cannot decide between Grey and brown or if I should do it in white and then pray I ll have time to dye it and dry it before xmas. HMMM we hopefully will be going to see Sweeny Todd this afternoon but well see, ,Because when I went to see Golden Compass, I almost had an anxiety attack from all the people ( remember I live in Humboldt where  there are no people, and it isn’t 8 to go to a matinee or 8 for a hot-dog and soda.

I also bought a friend some Malabrigo in Silk Merino when I was at the Yarn Deli and am debating whether or not to knit it for them or just give it to them?                                                      

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