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Sisiters visit. Gifts. Yarn stuff

So my sister came to visit.

She brought with her goat cheese, some 2yr old white cheddar, some Belgium mozzarella, lots of small keeshes, and some buffalo wings and a bag of cookies and bagles ( you know I do not eat bread)

Also an Easter basket which includes

Monkey cups an d bowl, outlining the fact I break everything and if it can withstand child ti might withstand me.

3 boxes of Twinning’s English breakfast tea

2 boxes of somoa Girlscout cookies.

Unfaithful DVD

Book-Eat pray love

A bar of handmade soap called Autumn honey that smells good.


Chocolates-Assorted some German little eggs yummy!

3 sweaters hopefully I won’t catch on fire,

A pair of slippers

2 pairs of socks on of which that is toes.

Ahmad No1 Tea (yeah)

And an El Torro of loveClcik here to see the video of  it sing and dance)


And a nice basket of which I always need to put wool and stuff in

A Ferrero Rendnoir-Dark chocolate


I got her a bowl with teas from Zhenas Gypsy Tea that included Coconut Chai and gypsy love.

I also sent my mom some Tofusties yarn ( yeah it is made from shell fish), a Charcoal soap, and a book called a slice of Humboldt pie. this is what I got mom:

I got in return from my mom a ball of Austerman Duet Stepp, a mini key chain sock blocker, a yarn bag ( a knit pickers Travler), Socks, great socks, and a chocolate Easter Bunny


Tasha and I went out last night to Humboldt Brews where we had a some nice local beer and mushrooms and brats. This morning we went to Los Bagels before I had to go to work and she went on home home. She had brought the mister Jack wit her too.

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