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Ohio-Interns take a trip-Kent State Museum and Stitch Piece and Purl ( a yarn store)

Kent’s State Museum and Stitch Piece and Purl

 We went to the Kent state museum ( Fashion School) today. And say a great exhibition on In Bloom- Patterned Silk Design Innovations in Eighteenth Century France, Galanos,  Belle Epoque Brides, Moods Indigo,  National  Americans through the Prisim of Culture: Edward S. Curtis and the legacy of Collection, Carnival Glass

Erica (going to tanglewood), ME-Misti alpaca, Becky- Coats and Clark

I got mom two books on silk and a post card one books was a biography of silk, and  post card.


We then went to the Store that is called Stitch Piece and purl.

They had a great selection of yarns and fabric. Some of the yarns were Classic Elite, Misti Alpaca, Tofusties, classes and some spinning stuff

Erica, Becky and Pipa ( Classic Elite) 

                                                                                                             ( Pipa who bought lots of yarn!)

The lady who owned the shop was super nice and even knew about THE PIPN Program!

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