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Peru-Birthday and food.. Oh and yarn

Personal Note: alot of my normal wit is missing from my blogs lately and I acknowledge that.

Well today we spent the morning dyeing and well we got super frustrated having people tell us what we were doing wrong in another language ( as this wasn't so helpful).

Then we when we were getting ready for lunch we celebrated one of the ladies birthdays. Where no one knew the words to Happy Birthday ( there was a tape that we later deciphered had funeral, waltz and wedding music on it), the part where it turned to Spanish the whole room erupted.

We then came home and had tasty lunch

Here is yesterdays lunch:


We went back to work and put taped on tags.

We got home, and here are our samplers from yesterday.

In Katies defense I had lots of pictures where I looked like I drank too much dye as well..... But she is engaged and I'm not.

WE talked to Erica and Trish from TANGELWOOD they seem to be having a tone of fun…. And might be sending us some emergency yarn because well we don’t have any .

Tags: cake, lack of yarn, peruvian food, pipn internship, yarn

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