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4th of july, PERU, Monastery. Knitting

While I wrote this post this morning I was listening to Cast on. Try it is is good.

First of all, let me make a statement, if anyone remembers when THE YARN HARLOT talks in one of her books, how people tell her they can’t knit because they might poke their eye out and how that would never happen. YARN HARLOT DO NOT NOT try to knit socks in a cab in PERU.

I have freaky feelings about things. AS I pulled out my sock swatch, I knitted two rows with US size 1,. The jarring and jostling of the cab seemed totally manageable to a knitter determined to knit. Then it happened and while starring at those size one needles, it came back to me, that part of the book, where Yarn Harlot mentions, eye impaling.Let me tell you I am a risk taker. Now for the record you are talking to someone who, knits in Bacteriology lab with flames, Knits and walks across campus never really getting hit by cars, or people, or walking into walls.  So I was very scared…. Of actually impaling my eye. Deciding not to tempt fate, who is a fickle mistress, I seem to annoy or piss off on a regular basis.So I put my sock bag in to my purse and tried to act like the image hadn’t ever entered my mind.That in no sense of the knitting universe could or would that actully happen. But since fate likes to screw with me I decided to not give her a chance to make me into that freak accident.

We were going to the Santa Catalina Monastery. The largest one in the world? It was old, and rich with the sense of time and kind of you know religious over tones but beautiful pictures, and some you couldn’t take flash didn’t work out because I am working on my anger management  issue I am having with my camera.

Also…..Katie finished her first scarf ever she learned to knit while we had our fiber seminar thingy in Akron. But she told Miguel ( the owner of Misti) that it was acrylic. Now Katie is a new knitter. Luckily she has gotten some Alpaca. And if any one knows of a pet quality one under $500 in the Cleveland area, I might be buying her one for her wedding. Might.

So the Santa Catalina Monastery. Cool.









After the Monastery Miguel had a meeting and Katie and I went shopping. Katie has this really cool six sense of finding jewelry don’t ask me how I have the fashion sense of a wombat. She got some great stuff one that had fish bones? Yeah but it looked cool. Also we learned Spanish and haggling I got this, an owl pouch for my earrings and these shell ones. We aren’t wearing any of the earrings until we get back to the states and change out the pieces.

Oh yeah this is lunch that day it is like a stuffed squash,


Then we went and met up with Miguel, while we were waiting for him since it was independence day we got spiked coffee. I got a an Irish Coffee. They aren’t messing around here I think 1/3 of it was really good strong whiskey. We then got a  piece of cake. ( I was trying to not take so many pictures  because it was the 4th).

The we came home for a light supper, at which time I start preaching (well espousing) to Katie the Yarn harlot and the goodness of knitting in life. Now you need to understand something historically I consider my self a SPINNER, not a KNITTER. So you can imagine my surprise to be telling anyone this. But a the moment in PERU, knitting socks way wins out drop spindling silk and cashmere…

So Miguel took us out to celebrate the 4th we had lots of beer, and some dinner, Katie has ostrich I of course had crepes, if we ever figure out how to download pictures from Katies camera well post. The hunt for a Peruvian husband continues.

So at the close of the 4th it is much like the New Years of the summer, from Akron to Peru, Arcata to Annapolis,Seattle to Palm Springs. Alone or in a crowd. The fourths live in your mind just like the ball dropping at midnight. Hope yours was as good as mine.


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