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So it is time for another Birthday…. I feel so damn old.

Mom is had to go to urgent care this morning so Tasha called to wish me Happy Birthday. I hope mom is ok.

Sherri gave me Sunflowers for my birthday, and I got a oyster mushroom grow log ( no pic yes as they are in my storage unit).

My aunt sent me an e Gift card, and Billy and Brittney an I-tunes card.

Mom sent me 5 gifts I am going to open through out the say to spread it out.

First Gift.


Panettone. Yay I love it.


And Alfonso also left me a nice comment on my myspace.

The day seems to be off to a good start.

My Graphic Design Project- Dada. not meaning to.

Thne at 1230 after my critique I opened the second one

YAY Cupcakes

Ok and I got this but there is story and I need to go to class so I ll tell you later

I Spent 40 minutes getting home!

The stupid city can't divert traffic there was a fire some where on spear an Alliance there are three ways to get home, and I tried the last one and I got home.

I opened up this one at 4pm.



You can't quite make out the pattern but it is lacy

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