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This week updated. Fast.....

So, Ok, I know most of you didn’t go to College or that It was a long time ago. I also know that yes I have been in College along time, but you know what, every year it seems worse. It seems like the last week of school is Stress, Panic ( chickens), food, Treats, Stress, Driving, then Crazyness of XMAS.


I am trying to take my Final on Monday so I can go to Peru on Wednesday, I have to fly out of LAX, so that means a 14 hour drive, after a two hour Organic Chemistry Exam, and a Chicken critique.

Hmm, more, there is more. Monday and Tuesday I tired to wrap up chickens and projects. Wednesday I had a ceramics "Presentation"; Sherri and Steve came home with two new sheep. They are Icelandic.

Thursday I went to go take pictures of sheep, Louie (the llama had a stroke and needed to have a nice visit from the vet), This made me sad, and so I decided to put off pictures of the sheep ( my own, the ones above are Sherris pictures).

Bye Louie You were the most wonderful Llama, and I will Miss you.

Also found out I didn’t get TNNA intern or any award. Very very sad, but congrats to everyone who won, Ill stick to science and not  fashion classes. All I know is dyeing, spinning, weaving, knitting and exotic fiber animals, I am sort of sad that I was the only one who knew about these things, Pipa is a knitter. But Erika did get stuck in Oregon for a bit, in Trishs own words "Erica is lonely and out of food in St. Helens so ANYONE that could go to the yarn factory please do. ":P. I have to admit, I could go with out food, but not scotch, ehn whatever.

So I was sad, and decided to get a cupcake .

Oh that was taken with my new cell phone. I haven't had one in like 5- 6 years, and it is only for pictures, and you know... things of an important nature.

Today worked on Graphic design… Lots and lots of cards, envelops and letterheads and I am still not happy with any of it. Organic Chemistry has filled up my nights. Oh and I got my Super Cool Sweat Shirt from my own logo.

Bad lighting sorry I didn't take the photo.

Here is Zacks sculpture of me made out of packing tape. Cool hu? Lots of time. It is me, we wrapped me in plastic wrap and then packing tape, and it was cut off me. Lots and lots of time, but it is cool. Hope it gets in this years Sculpture walk.

Tomorrow there is a Craft Fair. Sherri is selling hats and I have some yarn but will be in the Library Studying the O chem!

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