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Movies and Cooking.-PERU

Wednesday night  we went and saw Twilight, I read all four books while I was here and AL bought me cake. YAY cake !

I got Chocolate and Al got a triple Ducle De leche chocolate


Then yesterday morning Al translated  while the cook lucemila, showed me how to make a favorite veggie soup, and papa rellena. Which it was easier then I thought but took up a lot of time.

This was The veggies for the soup                                               Habas-beans

 Squash                                                                                                Aji

 Aji                                                                                                               Stuffing For Papa Relleno

 Filling cooking                                                                                     papas being mashed



Forming and Cooking

Soup ( same as green on my last trip)                                              Papa Relleno

Filling                                                                                                  Funny Beer Ad


I think Chachani                                                                               Earrings Als mom gave me ( Peruvian Silver)

Funnt note, my sister frequently give people I don't know my screen names, so This guy started talking to me, i thought this was said person, so I started to tell him about my parasite and passing of it. As it turns out, was not sisters friend. Was a person in China. Umhm, lesson, don't give out your little sisters screen names.

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