monkeyspinner (monkeyspinner) wrote,

TNNA Show in San Diego

So Yesterday I went to Visit my Aunt and she has Chickens.


Mom got me a root beer Float.

I went to go to San Diego this morning for the TNNA Show.

On the way I saw this.

There was Traffic. I took a picture of where I parked, because I knew I wouldn't remember. I took the Misti People  ( ( I got to see the mock up for the Pattern book that was done on the summer Internship and it is awesome) some stuff. I saw Morgaine.

I saw Trish who was great, and Steven of course. Also in the booth was Shelly.

There was mustard being given out with yarn… I know

I saw all the new yarns for the year which were impressive.

I think I might be going blind, or blinder, as on the way Home I couldn’t see so well ( I just got a new RX in October).

On the way home

Me and mom had Fish tacos

I gave mom some yarn she wanted.

The Blue is Blue Sky Alpaca Suri merino, The Pink is Blue Sky Alpaca Silk and Alpaca.

Tomorrow the great trek home.

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