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Anti Super Bowl Knitting

I Made cookies to take with me to the Anti Super bowl part at the Northcoast knittery.

My delicious rendition of a Alfajors (YUMMY Dulce De leche)

The Party was fun. There were a lot of knitters there.

One Sally was making these lacy gauntlets flat.


There was a contest, to guess how much yarn, and the fiber content in six balls. I won the Estimating the length, so I got a Gift card. Which was great. But I had just bought Noro in Silk Garden and Sarubia… I am not complaining, I use it at the end of the month when I am out of money and need something 
I also got this nifty little bag with my first purchase.


Nora- Silk Garden                                                Noro-Sarubia


It was a great part of knitting, and out course food. A nice way to spend the super bowl… There is another yarn tasting  coming up too!

This is the stores window.



Tags: alfajor, anti superbowl, cookies, dulce de leche, humboldt, knitting, noro sarubia, noro silk garden, north coast knittery

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