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Sunday really?


I know I haven’t updated in a bit…

Starving does funny things to you… I had food, but then I moved and somehow “stuff” got thrown out…  Stuff meaning food, food like dry good or well stuff.

This lead me to one night to take a jar of my sisters Apple pie filling, frozen cranberries with freezer burn, and two pie crusts that had been expired for at least a month. Ehn sure the heck can't be any worse then having giardia in a country  where no one knows what the hell your saying. I think it is part of being in College.I have been fortunate up until this point to have only gone hungry . So wanting something outside one meal a day I made this “pie”. I say “Pie” because we all know how picky I am about making pie and this isn't really "pie" in my book.

So here is the picture it looked a bit better then it tasted, I think that is from the pie crust being expired.

Also Been busy making 18 Ceramic knitting chickens… I know I know. No I don’t want to make something else.



Saw these weird birds on the way to class..

Saw this car on the way to class… Weird cause it looked like a little person or electric car.

Went to the dentist found out I need 2500 in Dental work. That is my half.. Funny didn’t’ we pay 4K last year????


Then I went to Orick

 This was the Drive to Orick


Why Autumn Did you go to orick?


For a Chicken of course!


Looky she lays Green eggs.

The lady only had one with a beard… ehn


Send food or dental help. I mean real food not cookies ( I have bad teeth) or spam ( cause I am never that hungry), or just some good thoughts. Black tea is also appreciated. More to follow, I have a Bacteriology paper on Isolating and Characterizing a Halophilic ( salt loving) Bacteria. A drawing of me for Beg Drawing, a drawing of bacteria, study for finals  I need to fire and glaze a bunch of ceramics chickens. Then make a chicken coop....Spin yarn... Find a job...

If you can provide help with any of this let me know.


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