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AH! I m still here, barely.

So been MIA For a while I know.

I had gotten this Chicken from Orick ( click here to read about it). She was at Sherris house. Well the other chickens didn't like her ( sherris or mine), they tried to kill her, and I think she might have been a bit inbred because she sat there and just let them peck her to death and her mouth gapped open. I had tired everything I could so I wouldn't have to get rid of her, she wasn't laying any eggs after over a month and none of the otehr chickens liked her. I really wanted to paint and draw her but it looked like it wasn't going to work out. I had to take her back up to Orick.SO good bye to my little Fluffy Chicken


Next item My Socks.I handspun my sock yarn, three ply and  I am using 00 for the needles. I ribbed the whole first one, then decided maybe I have been making socks the wrong way. So I started to rib then went to Stockinette..... Hmmm...

Heel Yarn:

Can't Decide if you have any ideas let me know.

Computer: Still being crap I need to have a Dell service person come out....

Rat: Caught one in the Shed, I flung it in the yard of a neighbor it looked more like a rural field then my shed.

Arts Alive: I totally flaked pictures... Here is guild member Weaving

Eggs: Tasty but not quite as good as I was hoping for in Color


Chickens: Charming as usual. I love the Roo he is so Wonderful

Hat: Sherri gave me this hat in trade for one of my Ceramic Chickens.

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