monkeyspinner (monkeyspinner) wrote,

So Thursday night I went to
Sip and Knit at NCK, and Harry gave me my socks.
I had him knit  them on his sock machine but my sock yarn making skills must have lacked because the first one wasn’t elastic enough and caused Harry a head ache.

Sorry Harry, but thanks for making them

Here is Carol who decided to take out some of her sweater and it was just sitting there, live stitches and all. Scary I know…..


At NCK they have these cool new leather buttons that would look awesome on a purse or hat…

I got my hair colored and on the way back I saw this cool Mural…

My Hair it is different... with darker low lights...

There was this lady at Costo… Who was rude.. and complaining that she couldn’t get out the exit she wanted to because my car was in the way ( she was suppose to go left not to the right according to the arrows, and was haggling an older lady in front of her to move….) all at Costco while on her headless phone set while having a way too loud conversation.

Mom and I  went to the Banana hut…
She had I had Shoyu chicken                                                         
I had Lau Lau Pork


Look at how nice the back yard looks?

this is the after

This was before .... .Notice big creepy plants? I cut them down wit ha skill saw....

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