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 I had an 3 hour Bac T lab. But Our teacher was nice enough to let us leave and go get Cake. There was also a Darwin Tree. And a slide show of Darwin.

 HI KIM                                                                                                     Giant Whale Bones

 Species Tree                                                                                       Slide Show

 Slide                                                                                                   Show

 Slide show                                                                                            Species Tree

Lyme on a species tree                                                                       CAKE


Sorry been missing in action.

So yes I know that my posts have been forever late in coming….

So here are some pictures of my room where I have BT class… it is in the Wildlife building.

 Grumpy Guy                                                                             Sad Guy


 Can't decide what this guy is                                                     Sneezy?

Yes these animals are dead but they are used for learning. It was also when people felt the need to collect and catalog all things… a bit creepy Yes but most of these animals seem to have their own personalities.

Also some pictures of the charming weather we have had here over the past few days.

Bacteria from lab on Tuesday….

Cake one slice I had Saturday night one Slice I bough today with my last 3$ in cash despite being sick…

An outline of what a shadow core should look like.

Movies and Cooking.-PERU

Wednesday night  we went and saw Twilight, I read all four books while I was here and AL bought me cake. YAY cake !

I got Chocolate and Al got a triple Ducle De leche chocolate


Then yesterday morning Al translated  while the cook lucemila, showed me how to make a favorite veggie soup, and papa rellena. Which it was easier then I thought but took up a lot of time.

This was The veggies for the soup                                               Habas-beans

 Squash                                                                                                Aji

 Aji                                                                                                               Stuffing For Papa Relleno

 Filling cooking                                                                                     papas being mashed



Forming and Cooking

Soup ( same as green on my last trip)                                              Papa Relleno

Filling                                                                                                  Funny Beer Ad


I think Chachani                                                                               Earrings Als mom gave me ( Peruvian Silver)

Funnt note, my sister frequently give people I don't know my screen names, so This guy started talking to me, i thought this was said person, so I started to tell him about my parasite and passing of it. As it turns out, was not sisters friend. Was a person in China. Umhm, lesson, don't give out your little sisters screen names.


So it is time for another Birthday…. I feel so damn old.

Mom is had to go to urgent care this morning so Tasha called to wish me Happy Birthday. I hope mom is ok.

Sherri gave me Sunflowers for my birthday, and I got a oyster mushroom grow log ( no pic yes as they are in my storage unit).

My aunt sent me an e Gift card, and Billy and Brittney an I-tunes card.

Mom sent me 5 gifts I am going to open through out the say to spread it out.

First Gift.


Panettone. Yay I love it.


And Alfonso also left me a nice comment on my myspace.

The day seems to be off to a good start.

My Graphic Design Project- Dada. not meaning to.

Thne at 1230 after my critique I opened the second one

YAY Cupcakes

Ok and I got this but there is story and I need to go to class so I ll tell you later

I Spent 40 minutes getting home!

The stupid city can't divert traffic there was a fire some where on spear an Alliance there are three ways to get home, and I tried the last one and I got home.

I opened up this one at 4pm.



You can't quite make out the pattern but it is lacy

Peru-Birthday and food.. Oh and yarn

Personal Note: alot of my normal wit is missing from my blogs lately and I acknowledge that.

Well today we spent the morning dyeing and well we got super frustrated having people tell us what we were doing wrong in another language ( as this wasn't so helpful).

Then we when we were getting ready for lunch we celebrated one of the ladies birthdays. Where no one knew the words to Happy Birthday ( there was a tape that we later deciphered had funeral, waltz and wedding music on it), the part where it turned to Spanish the whole room erupted.

We then came home and had tasty lunch

Here is yesterdays lunch:


We went back to work and put taped on tags.

We got home, and here are our samplers from yesterday.

In Katies defense I had lots of pictures where I looked like I drank too much dye as well..... But she is engaged and I'm not.

WE talked to Erica and Trish from TANGELWOOD they seem to be having a tone of fun…. And might be sending us some emergency yarn because well we don’t have any .

Chickens. Peru. Ceramics. FOOD



I have been uberly busy very uberly.

So there ended up being a lot of chickens, which I ended up firing all day today. I worked today and on Monday on Monday I scored two cool pictures from Jim MOORE. I also got a cup from my friend Bridget which I put India ink on to bring out the glaze and then two abalone from Milia. Also another thing but I can’t find it at the moment



So I am going to Peru with TNNA on an internship with misty Alpacas (international). It is going to cost well about 7K. But your only young and stupid once right? So short of a fit of insanity ( which had plagued me, all day making me wonder if indeed this is the wrong choice for me,) I am going to Peru. A short stop in Ohio, to learn stuff I already know. I also might take the train to Seattle to see you know who and MR jack cause Judith McCuin is going to be there and I really would love to take a class with her, it would be the same price to take the train there and fly out of Seattle to Akron.

But….. I would have to leave here on like the 18. Which is right after school get out and mom would have to deal with my mess apartment cause it would be like throw crap in a bag grab the wheel and go. Of which I do think I should take my wheel Consensus? I also got this delicious cake( lemon merigune cake) and half and half au lait, and a ham cheese Croissant from brio Café, very expensive but good. More lot more to follow but I am exhausted so so tired and it would

It be over till next Thursday then who knows,