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Knit In Public Day-Redwood Yarn Stomp! And North Coast Knittery! Oh Open Studios too!

    This great First Event, the Redwood Yarn Stomp!Was listed in the Facebook event as:

Stomp your way to our first annual Redwood Yarn Stomp. Visit 5 yarn stores and one open studio over the course of 3 days. Receive a free gift at each location and get entered to win one of 6 fabulous prize baskets. Participating shops include: Yarn in Old Town, Boll Weaver in Henderson Center, Fabric Temptations in Arcata, Chicken Boots in Blue Lake, Knitter's Lane in McKinleyville and Foggy Bottoms Yarns in Ferndale.

On Saturday, June 11th join us from 3-5 pm at one of the following locations for World Wide Knit in Public Day: 6 Rivers Brewery in McKinleyville, Mad River Brewery in Blue Lake or Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka."

Did  I mention it was Fracking Cool!

Here is the Book:



First we went to the Farmers Market, then we went to Fabric Temptations, where we got a cool magazine ( some of the free gifts were wool soaps, and silk Floss too!) as well as getting out Books stamped.

While we were in Arcata we went toOpen Studios  we went  to Stewart School which inculded Joyce Jonte, Libby George, Allison Reed and many more.


Second we went toChicken Boots! ( look here too). After I drooled over all the knitting stuff I noticed a chicken tracto with 60! yes you counted right 60! Freedom Rangers!!! How cool? We got this niffty little iron on, and I saw this wonderful hen taking her dust bath.



Third on the list was Knitters Lane.

Awesome magnet


Unfortunatlety I forgot to take pictures of the awesome baskets that were being offered until the last place.

We stopped at a neighbors yard sale and I got this cool Ice Chest for $10!

We then headed down to Ferndale, where we went to the animal live stock thingy. I say this, cause well I don't really know what to call it. But there were goats, ducks, chickens and rabbits. Needless to say now we have these meat Birds.

Then We had to get chocolate, and I had to stop and get custard powder, and finally we were on to the fourth place.

Fourth was theFoggy Bottoms Yarn. I hadn't been here since they moved. GO. It is an awesome new space with the same friendliest people. It was great.

 Who can leave ferndale with out getting some produce????

                                                Fifth on the list wasBoll Weaver


Sixth Was YARN. now they have moved, and I didn't know but the new space has a great vibe.


Then we ended the Afternoon at the North Coast Knittery! They gave away awesome prizes each hour, w e were able to stay to be entered in the last two. when we didn't win, we went over to the Lost coast Brewwery and had a Pitcher of great Local Beer, and food! What a way to spend out knit in Public day!

Moms Haul

stuff shes got from stores 

     Then stuff she bought at North Cost Knittery



1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

So Tonight forArts Alive, North Coast Knittery is Hosting, Chrystyna McMinn

Here is a preview:








Chickens yarns

I know I am super behind on posts.

So the week of Thanksgiving a roo and a hen got sick. The roo died and the hen got better. well then I went to put her back in with the others and they attacked her and almost killed her. So far now she lives in a Kennel in my dining room ( don't worry she gets out a bit).
Her name is plouf

When I thought she would die Trying to get out

Here is a lily that bloomed.

I did some natural dying.

The chickens need to interact more so I let them yesterday. Interact with one another.

They didn't think so and kept away

Someone has to stay safe Escape's

Roo struting it Pretty black hen

I made bread in the bread maker Tasha and Mike gave m e ( they said I could open it early thanks guys.

Here are my yarns that are for sale right now at the NCK, there will be more every week so check back.

Also this Batt

Here are my lables that too some working with

Here is also a painting I am working on.

My friend stans cool painting

Evil little mushrooms in my yard. Hope the chooks don't get sick

The back yard. Mom you better say something if your unhappy

(no subject)

So Thursday night I went to
Sip and Knit at NCK, and Harry gave me my socks.
I had him knit  them on his sock machine but my sock yarn making skills must have lacked because the first one wasn’t elastic enough and caused Harry a head ache.

Sorry Harry, but thanks for making them

Here is Carol who decided to take out some of her sweater and it was just sitting there, live stitches and all. Scary I know…..


At NCK they have these cool new leather buttons that would look awesome on a purse or hat…

I got my hair colored and on the way back I saw this cool Mural…

My Hair it is different... with darker low lights...

There was this lady at Costo… Who was rude.. and complaining that she couldn’t get out the exit she wanted to because my car was in the way ( she was suppose to go left not to the right according to the arrows, and was haggling an older lady in front of her to move….) all at Costco while on her headless phone set while having a way too loud conversation.

Mom and I  went to the Banana hut…
She had I had Shoyu chicken                                                         
I had Lau Lau Pork


Look at how nice the back yard looks?

this is the after

This was before .... .Notice big creepy plants? I cut them down wit ha skill saw....

Yarn Tasting - North Coast Knittery

Today I went to another Yarn tasting at The Northeast knittery. It was fun despite the weather being Crummy.

Did you know NCK had its own tea blend for/From Humboldt Herbals? It was great with a piece of Connie’s Gingerbread with cranberry’s.

So here was our lovely little plate of yarns:

Clock wise, Arucania-Asyen, Alpaca Yarn Co-Swizzle, Araucania-Atacma, Debbie Bliss-Prima, Sublime-Soya Cotton, Alpaca Yarn Co- Paca De Sada.

It was a fun time. NCK also has new bags in which lead to discussion.

Here is what they look like knitted up

Araucania- Asyen                                                     Alpaca Yarn Company- Paca de sada

Alpaca Company- Swizzle                                          Araucania- Atacma

Debbie Bliss-Prima                                                   Sublime -Soya Cotton (pink)


Ohh Looky at the hat

Anti Super Bowl Knitting

I Made cookies to take with me to the Anti Super bowl part at the Northcoast knittery.

My delicious rendition of a Alfajors (YUMMY Dulce De leche)

The Party was fun. There were a lot of knitters there.

One Sally was making these lacy gauntlets flat.


There was a contest, to guess how much yarn, and the fiber content in six balls. I won the Estimating the length, so I got a Gift card. Which was great. But I had just bought Noro in Silk Garden and Sarubia… I am not complaining, I use it at the end of the month when I am out of money and need something 
I also got this nifty little bag with my first purchase.


Nora- Silk Garden                                                Noro-Sarubia


It was a great part of knitting, and out course food. A nice way to spend the super bowl… There is another yarn tasting  coming up too!

This is the stores window.