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May Chicken Post #

So alot of the Chickens are really growing into their own:


Silkie Frizzle Crosss-Sizzle no Sizzle                                   Olive Egger Maran Cross

Then of Course Pearl ( Beat Boop) Butterbeard hatched what I hope is the last clutch of Eggs yesterday

                                                       Pearl ButterBeard with Little One

Then nice pair of Frizzles I got last year cant be crossed with each other. So the Handsome Male Dr. Frazzle has been Crossed with Numerous hens. I think his lady Frizzela has been crossed too but her little head is going bald.
           Dr. Frazzle                                                    Frizzela


Baby Olive Eggers of Course

Xmas Fluffies!!!!

So my very Fancy Silkies I got from Llama Drama, hatched, there is a partridge ( Cinnamon) and a grey ( gandolf).


Also Two Olive Eggers ( a cross between a Amerucana and a Maran)

The yellow one is Nugget ( that is out of affection, not food) and Well the black bear doens't have a name yet.

Also had Three ButterPickles hatch. A butterbeard is what we call out Belgian Danvers. But a Gerkin ( an old English Cochin Cross) is raising them. Butter bear + Gerkin = Butterpickle