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Spinners Lead at BSG.

   So these are Trishs Interns, well I should say Tanglewoods interns.

Emily                                                and                     Mariel

Then here is Trish                                              Becky. I had a picture of steven but... Dunno where it is


Ok So encase you have no idea what Spinners lead is ( well why the hell would you be reading this blog???) it is a class or even at Sheep shows where the person has made something from the wool of their sheep

                                             ( Yes I am aware that these pictures are blurry)





Then there came the Blue Face Leicester part ( they had a separate one)



Here is a picture of ACe from my Home Spinning Guild. HE looks like he caught a ball of wool ( hes on the left) and Janet of Aunt Janets Fiber mill is on the far right.



This week updated. Fast.....

So, Ok, I know most of you didn’t go to College or that It was a long time ago. I also know that yes I have been in College along time, but you know what, every year it seems worse. It seems like the last week of school is Stress, Panic ( chickens), food, Treats, Stress, Driving, then Crazyness of XMAS.


I am trying to take my Final on Monday so I can go to Peru on Wednesday, I have to fly out of LAX, so that means a 14 hour drive, after a two hour Organic Chemistry Exam, and a Chicken critique.

Hmm, more, there is more. Monday and Tuesday I tired to wrap up chickens and projects. Wednesday I had a ceramics "Presentation"; Sherri and Steve came home with two new sheep. They are Icelandic.

Thursday I went to go take pictures of sheep, Louie (the llama had a stroke and needed to have a nice visit from the vet), This made me sad, and so I decided to put off pictures of the sheep ( my own, the ones above are Sherris pictures).

Bye Louie You were the most wonderful Llama, and I will Miss you.

Also found out I didn’t get TNNA intern or any award. Very very sad, but congrats to everyone who won, Ill stick to science and not  fashion classes. All I know is dyeing, spinning, weaving, knitting and exotic fiber animals, I am sort of sad that I was the only one who knew about these things, Pipa is a knitter. But Erika did get stuck in Oregon for a bit, in Trishs own words "Erica is lonely and out of food in St. Helens so ANYONE that could go to the yarn factory please do. ":P. I have to admit, I could go with out food, but not scotch, ehn whatever.

So I was sad, and decided to get a cupcake .

Oh that was taken with my new cell phone. I haven't had one in like 5- 6 years, and it is only for pictures, and you know... things of an important nature.

Today worked on Graphic design… Lots and lots of cards, envelops and letterheads and I am still not happy with any of it. Organic Chemistry has filled up my nights. Oh and I got my Super Cool Sweat Shirt from my own logo.

Bad lighting sorry I didn't take the photo.

Here is Zacks sculpture of me made out of packing tape. Cool hu? Lots of time. It is me, we wrapped me in plastic wrap and then packing tape, and it was cut off me. Lots and lots of time, but it is cool. Hope it gets in this years Sculpture walk.

Tomorrow there is a Craft Fair. Sherri is selling hats and I have some yarn but will be in the Library Studying the O chem!

Peru-YARN.PISCO.Cow heart.IPAC.


Saturday morning Katie was regretting eating lettuce. At lunch we had shrimp soup and  then I regretted eating anything that had purple beading little eyes staring at me. We knitted. Katie and I laid  in be wondering why we were eating stuff.


We went and had lunch in which we ate a lot of bits of cow, Udder, Stomachs, and heart. The heart was really really tasty, the udder was chewy and well I grew up in So. Cal so I know better. Then we went and had local chicken it was good. We went to the movies and saw Images which I spent most of the movie with my eyes closed they had these really good candied nuts.


this is the hudge meat.                                                                    this is cows heart


This is the chicken place we had.

Church we saw on the way home

Monday morning we went to work and got stuff ready for the workshop. We then went IPAC for the launch of their new web site. Here we learned that it is important to give the media lots of good food and alcohol. While we were listening to the presentation they came around with lots of pisco sours, which were so strong smell something close to a bottle of rubbing alcohol, two more later, some food that were some fried egg roll type thing with sea urchin and scallops, tamales and bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with cheese We were also the focus as the media, because we were Americas and my blonde hair is a target hat sticks us out. we went to Mitchell for yarn but they were closed.

We then came home and had a lunch where there was no room for lunch.

In the afternoon Katie went with Miguel to buy clothes for the photo shoot.

 I went with the manger to find knitting needles and stuff for the workshop. When he told me to leave my purse at home, because it was a rough area and that I stand out we figured it was going to be interesting .The first knitting store we went  to didn’t have circulars and people we staring.... funny. On the street too. Then the second store we went to kind of over charged us partly because of me most likely. The second one was better, but a hand knitters dream lies not in Peru knitting stores they are cramped and crowed and filled with acrylic ( unless you like that sort of thing).

 We then went to an office supply store to get all the stuff for the workshop. This was interesting as we have to buy in a minim of three, and we over analyze things. Part ways through all this everyone started to realize I was America and “tried” talking to me and kept asking Cleaver to ask me what certain things are and how you say “ I don’t love you anymore in Spanish”.Nice then when there were about 7 ladies waiting n us we decided we should go home.

We came home and had dinner, ( mine included honey bread). We then went shopping and got cookies, and biscuits, Coca cookies, pear juice, interesting jams. Now Kaites and I are working on knitting.

4th of july, PERU, Monastery. Knitting

While I wrote this post this morning I was listening to Cast on. Try it is is good.

First of all, let me make a statement, if anyone remembers when THE YARN HARLOT talks in one of her books, how people tell her they can’t knit because they might poke their eye out and how that would never happen. YARN HARLOT DO NOT NOT try to knit socks in a cab in PERU.

I have freaky feelings about things. AS I pulled out my sock swatch, I knitted two rows with US size 1,. The jarring and jostling of the cab seemed totally manageable to a knitter determined to knit. Then it happened and while starring at those size one needles, it came back to me, that part of the book, where Yarn Harlot mentions, eye impaling.Let me tell you I am a risk taker. Now for the record you are talking to someone who, knits in Bacteriology lab with flames, Knits and walks across campus never really getting hit by cars, or people, or walking into walls.  So I was very scared…. Of actually impaling my eye. Deciding not to tempt fate, who is a fickle mistress, I seem to annoy or piss off on a regular basis.So I put my sock bag in to my purse and tried to act like the image hadn’t ever entered my mind.That in no sense of the knitting universe could or would that actully happen. But since fate likes to screw with me I decided to not give her a chance to make me into that freak accident.

We were going to the Santa Catalina Monastery. The largest one in the world? It was old, and rich with the sense of time and kind of you know religious over tones but beautiful pictures, and some you couldn’t take flash didn’t work out because I am working on my anger management  issue I am having with my camera.

Also…..Katie finished her first scarf ever she learned to knit while we had our fiber seminar thingy in Akron. But she told Miguel ( the owner of Misti) that it was acrylic. Now Katie is a new knitter. Luckily she has gotten some Alpaca. And if any one knows of a pet quality one under $500 in the Cleveland area, I might be buying her one for her wedding. Might.

So the Santa Catalina Monastery. Cool.









After the Monastery Miguel had a meeting and Katie and I went shopping. Katie has this really cool six sense of finding jewelry don’t ask me how I have the fashion sense of a wombat. She got some great stuff one that had fish bones? Yeah but it looked cool. Also we learned Spanish and haggling I got this, an owl pouch for my earrings and these shell ones. We aren’t wearing any of the earrings until we get back to the states and change out the pieces.

Oh yeah this is lunch that day it is like a stuffed squash,


Then we went and met up with Miguel, while we were waiting for him since it was independence day we got spiked coffee. I got a an Irish Coffee. They aren’t messing around here I think 1/3 of it was really good strong whiskey. We then got a  piece of cake. ( I was trying to not take so many pictures  because it was the 4th).

The we came home for a light supper, at which time I start preaching (well espousing) to Katie the Yarn harlot and the goodness of knitting in life. Now you need to understand something historically I consider my self a SPINNER, not a KNITTER. So you can imagine my surprise to be telling anyone this. But a the moment in PERU, knitting socks way wins out drop spindling silk and cashmere…

So Miguel took us out to celebrate the 4th we had lots of beer, and some dinner, Katie has ostrich I of course had crepes, if we ever figure out how to download pictures from Katies camera well post. The hunt for a Peruvian husband continues.

So at the close of the 4th it is much like the New Years of the summer, from Akron to Peru, Arcata to Annapolis,Seattle to Palm Springs. Alone or in a crowd. The fourths live in your mind just like the ball dropping at midnight. Hope yours was as good as mine.


Ohio-The last Day -Bags, Silk Scarves and Crazy spinning.

That last few days were eventful. This were going good until well, Thursday and I completely thought I was going to be able to assemble and everything, and I did and all was going well until I realized that my bag I made was too big to fit around the one they gave us. This is the point where people had contingency plans….. Im not going there

But then also when I was sewing the handle on, the needle on the sewing machine broke. Yes it broke, I was super grumpy  and did a spotty job on it. I think I got a b?



Some of the others had really awesome bags, I stopped taking people pictures because the flash seemed to scare quite a few people. GO figure.


  This is Kelly                                                                                           This is Natalie


Erika Going TO Tangelwood                                                             This is Courtney


This is the whole group



After presentations of bags, I found out I would be the only out of stater in the dorms, everyone else had secured earlier  flights (pippa), or had to drive some where ( becky and Erika). I spun enough and fast enough to give  Rumpelstiltskina run for his money. I spun and plied Pippa this yarn. Which isn’t in the right scale the one on the right was so big I thought it would topple the ball winder.


We went and got our bags and samples. They weren’t gone with mine, so I had to sit there alone. I said good bye to the girls…

 I then walked to the post Office which was much farther then people said, but it was hot and I was wearing a white dress with red flowers on it I know I know.

To morrow Peru if I get all my stuff in my bags, but I just found a drawer full of yarn so I am sure that I need to go back to the post office.

I also got this lovely silk scarf from Professor Jennings they are from silk from Cocoons in Madagascar, they are handspun, woven, and dyed. The dye in mine is Eucalyptus. All the ones she had were beautiful and I an going to try and finagle a picture of them out of her.

Ohio-Thats when It started to get weird- Fiber Seminar Bags


  So I get that it has been well a bit since I updated. But  a lot happen. Sunday after we got home from the show, I started spinning my embroidery thread. That is when it started to get weird. Yes you read that right and it didn’t seem like such a bad idea. I did some golden silk , and white mohair.  That is when things started to get a little weird, I called mom and had her scan me the article out of spin off that told how to make your embroidery thread……. Well come back to that. But let me add I am eternally grateful to professor Jennings for letting me use her wheel, it balanced me back.

This is the yarn tensions thus, reason for calling professor Jennings on a Sunday night.


 We watched a lot of cool historical movies for costumes, While we worked n our bags… Then I tried to embroider the alpacas with said floss…. Well, I used a lot of twist, it broke some but not as much as I thought it would, the silk was good but I wanted to use what  I had.


The side panels you know I forgot to take a picture of my board I think the professor has one. I knitted them and then I was going to felt them, well I was knitting and it was too bug so I bound off, then, well cabled it . To separate the regions I did like a back stick and cut… I know I gasp myself, why am I so lazy who knows? But I t worked and worked well.


The Cross stitch was of some drop spindles beyond that I don’t want to talk about it really.

Oh Pippa who was taking breaks between her almost completed bag, on Tuesday, used the large over sized knitting needles and made a scarf in like 45 minutes. Nice going

Ohio-TNNA PiPN interns in Columbus!

Warning this post has pictures of food in it.

 So after we did our presentations on our boards, we left to go to ColumbusIn Columbus was the TNNA yearly trade show.The car ride was long and I was kind of sick. But once we stopped and check in the hotel, Where one of the professors gave me my box from mom, which had jeans, silkworm cocoons, mohair locks, dyed roving, alpaca roving, Oh yeah my passport, as well as a few snaps of my niece, and other useful things. YAY MOM! Also a package from a friend with movies YAY friend!

This picture is roving of Silk Cashmere, wool, and mohair locks      These are dyed and undyed cocoons.

 We then went to the Convention Center. Where we saw the yarn gally way. There were a lot of really cool yarns. We then waited to go into the galleria, where we saw a bunch of really cool art and met a lady who did nifty designs.

After that it was on to the Fashion Show which I hadn’t seen in January at Long Beach. a had a great dress in there called gypsy lips. Some of the other great designs were by MagnKnit, Blue sky Alpacas, Cherry Tree Hill, Himalaya, Trendsetter yarns. I would tell you the names of the outfits but us weee people can’t even get them yet so that would be pointless. After this even was the first spotting of the YARN HARLOT!Ravelry. Oh and Shay Pendray at the fashion show, who I really like. Both Pippa and I failed at out attempts to meet her. Then we met Jess from

We all went out to dinner, Katie and I meet Miguel and Lisa who will be hosting us on our internship. We had great food at a Asian infusion restaurant called Lemongrass, and discussed the finer points of the internship. It is going to be great.

The next morning Pippa and I had a breakfast that gave us the chance to talk with a lot of TNNA people. At the Convention, I had the opportunity to spin on the new Schacht Lady BUG! As Well as meet with

huamanand Jan Van Stralen, where we talked about the Louet Victoria.

I really enjoyed seeing all the yarn companies and seeing full range of products that you usually don’t have the change to see in a regular shop. As well as needlepoint from Alice Peterson. ( I think if this you contact me so I can correct this). Which was extremely nice and greatly appreciated. Until I took this course with PiPn in the Fiber Seminar, I didn’t really know about needle arts and a have come to appreciate each one and  execute them, in an acceptable manor. Thanks it meant a lot to all of us!


We then had lunch at the North town market, where for the first time ( with the exception of the dinner the previous night) Pippa and I were able to find food we were use to eating, like lime honey salmon, and I got a Napoleon egg plant with shitake mushrooms, summer squash and ricotta cheese, and a pancetta wrapped asparagus. It was super good and rejuvenate us.

We then saw the Yarn Harlot at the Book signing but still didn’t get to meet her. We also saw Shelli from Knitterly, it was nice to see someone from Northern California, as were then Unicorn people. ( smiles and waves)I HAD to see the Possum people, as well as the fur people. I never made it back to cover an extensive coverage of the new Lady Bug Spinning Wheel but ah.

Before we came home we went back to Northtown market and I got nine chocolates (do not ask how much they were from Pure Imagination).And possibly the best ice cream (jeni's Ice Cream) I have ever had ( I have had a lot of unique kinds). I had pistachio honey, pear Riesling, and a goat cheese with cherry compote. It was so good I went back for seconds five minutes before they closed.So yest my total Ice cream count for the day was 6 scoops.Pippa took this when I was into the ice cream, I didn't know.



We trouped home, and then well we contemplated our bags but mainly went to bed.

I felt that by going to the convention (even thought I have been before), if gave the group of us the feeling of how big this industry is and the range of opportunities. That we had a great chance to speak with professionals in the business (when they weren’t busy of course). I loved the wall of yarn and would love to post pictures of it but I am not so sure that is right -:)

Ohio-Crochet day 6- Fiber Arts Seminar

Day six of class really?

We’ don’t tell any knitters but today I crocheted.

It was fun, and despite Professor Buckland having to keep telling me I was doing my granny square not right it was fun! Thanks Professor it made me all the better for it. As many of you know I can become quite annoying, even pestering if I don’t understand something. She had great patience, explaining and re explaining and I think about the fifth time, I got it. Good teachers are wonderful finds.


Anna and Katie-( this is a new effect on my photo program)


Books and lots of yarn.


We learned about the gauge, stitches, history, hooks and patterns. The stitches we learned included, slip stitch ( slip st), Single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc), double crochet (dc), treble crochet (tr), chain (ch), yarn over (yo).

We then trouped to the stores to buy stuff for our projects. I don’t want to give it away until I finish my concept board so I won’t. But I bough, yes bought wool yarn! The same color we had in class, I might be taking it back J

This place I is growing on me, no ocean but I could go to school here. Now if they could only do something about the snow…..

Oh yeah my sampler and granny square :





Ohio-Cross stitch day 5- Fiber Arts seminar



We finished up with embroidery.

We also got to see some of Mrs. Firestones (Elizabeth Parke Firestone) undergarments. She was a big player in the fashion area of couture. Her tissue silk undergarments had had embroidered monogrammed designs with handmade lace. SO cool and it was the one day I brought the not so good camera.( click here for dresses, more dresses, even better, wedding dress).



We then started Cross stitch that afternoon. We had Professor Buckland who was fun, and discovered I like cross stitch.

 We covered the history, fabric, thread, Needles, Hoops, stitches and how to read a chart. Also although she didn't use this word the importance of preserving needlework genealogy. Needlework that a grandmother,Aunt or some other family member might have done.

 My unfinished cross stitch.

Here are also some shots of the class and all out stuff every where: