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AH! I m still here, barely.

So been MIA For a while I know.

I had gotten this Chicken from Orick ( click here to read about it). She was at Sherris house. Well the other chickens didn't like her ( sherris or mine), they tried to kill her, and I think she might have been a bit inbred because she sat there and just let them peck her to death and her mouth gapped open. I had tired everything I could so I wouldn't have to get rid of her, she wasn't laying any eggs after over a month and none of the otehr chickens liked her. I really wanted to paint and draw her but it looked like it wasn't going to work out. I had to take her back up to Orick.SO good bye to my little Fluffy Chicken


Next item My Socks.I handspun my sock yarn, three ply and  I am using 00 for the needles. I ribbed the whole first one, then decided maybe I have been making socks the wrong way. So I started to rib then went to Stockinette..... Hmmm...

Heel Yarn:

Can't Decide if you have any ideas let me know.

Computer: Still being crap I need to have a Dell service person come out....

Rat: Caught one in the Shed, I flung it in the yard of a neighbor it looked more like a rural field then my shed.

Arts Alive: I totally flaked pictures... Here is guild member Weaving

Eggs: Tasty but not quite as good as I was hoping for in Color


Chickens: Charming as usual. I love the Roo he is so Wonderful

Hat: Sherri gave me this hat in trade for one of my Ceramic Chickens.

Ceramic Chickens, Flowers. Yarn

My directed study in ceramics was to build twenty. well I made 19. I still have a few to texture  and add heads of course glaze and underglaze. On top of the high fire class and such.


Ok yarn from this weekends Market:


And flowers that I like:

Lots to do, stuff to do. FINALS. PAPERS. PERU?ha

Sisiters visit. Gifts. Yarn stuff

So my sister came to visit.

She brought with her goat cheese, some 2yr old white cheddar, some Belgium mozzarella, lots of small keeshes, and some buffalo wings and a bag of cookies and bagles ( you know I do not eat bread)

Also an Easter basket which includes

Monkey cups an d bowl, outlining the fact I break everything and if it can withstand child ti might withstand me.

3 boxes of Twinning’s English breakfast tea

2 boxes of somoa Girlscout cookies.

Unfaithful DVD

Book-Eat pray love

A bar of handmade soap called Autumn honey that smells good.


Chocolates-Assorted some German little eggs yummy!

3 sweaters hopefully I won’t catch on fire,

A pair of slippers

2 pairs of socks on of which that is toes.

Ahmad No1 Tea (yeah)

And an El Torro of loveClcik here to see the video of  it sing and dance)


And a nice basket of which I always need to put wool and stuff in

A Ferrero Rendnoir-Dark chocolate


I got her a bowl with teas from Zhenas Gypsy Tea that included Coconut Chai and gypsy love.

I also sent my mom some Tofusties yarn ( yeah it is made from shell fish), a Charcoal soap, and a book called a slice of Humboldt pie. this is what I got mom:

I got in return from my mom a ball of Austerman Duet Stepp, a mini key chain sock blocker, a yarn bag ( a knit pickers Travler), Socks, great socks, and a chocolate Easter Bunny


Tasha and I went out last night to Humboldt Brews where we had a some nice local beer and mushrooms and brats. This morning we went to Los Bagels before I had to go to work and she went on home home. She had brought the mister Jack wit her too.

Pie/ Socks/ Yarn Store

So this weekend I went to the Humboldt Pie day festival. where I had three pieces of pie one that was coconut and Apple Huckleberry.

Banana Foster ( That was Dinner last night)

I also got back some of my ceramics that did not turn out as well as the others.

I finished my socks and ( YES the one on the right is pointy)

started to make a swatch of handspun yarn.

So ok let from the res sections is knit with twos from the yellow is 1 and the other section , white is 0.
Odd hu? After washing this silk, Tencel, merino ( each one is strand it makes up a three ply)

Yes I suck at paint but I think we all know this and can make allowances, or provide helpful feedback

Went to a nice session of modeling in the community, where it appears like a great work chance for me.And hopefully to get some nice drawing or sketches of myself. ( Umm yes I am a bit vain, just a bit)

I also went and spent Four hours! Yes Four hours in A yarn store doing nothing but talking about art ( wit ha women in one of my classes) and lots of knitters and a spinner. I was looking for something for someone but didn't find it better luck tomorrow. But had a lot of good talk and saw nice things at Handmade memories in Mckinnliville.Some time I need to dye before my sister comes, um not sure when I think she is coming Thursday and well I haven't really done too much but tomorrow night is pint night and well what sane college student passes that one up :)

I also have multiple projects to finish but these things get put on the burner while looking for things and doing ceramics.

Scarves/ Socks/ Yarn and cookies

 Eck! I know when you’re in College you suppose to love coming home and visiting family…… well, yes sort of. There was much cookie making yesterday of sheep’s and mushrooms cookies ( yes we like that here), but a moment of uncomfortableness was felt when  Christian nieces asked what a pagan was, and mom said they worship the Devil Save was made by Aunt "ME" by saying that while Christian find magic in god, pagans find magic in nature. Ten year old niece was def. confused.Siblings offsping can't kill them or tell them the truth.

But there was lots of fiberish stuff, I bought 390 yards of Twisted Sister sock yarn while at the Temecula Valley Yarn Company to make, well hopefully socks. But mom said she would divide it, and I know we had this math talk for a few and I explained to her that half of that would be 195 and half of that would be 95 ) a circular skein is really two yards. Well mom did it while I was sleeping therefore proving that no one in my life ever listens to what I say. I want them the same pattern you know!



Secondly despite changing  the needles a quarter of the ways through on Satans scarf, it looks ok. But I know I should take it out,No I wasn't making shadow pupets it  just  happened.


Also need to spin yarn and make hat for dad before Xmas, wanted to make a crew type but cannot decide between Grey and brown or if I should do it in white and then pray I ll have time to dye it and dry it before xmas. HMMM we hopefully will be going to see Sweeny Todd this afternoon but well see, ,Because when I went to see Golden Compass, I almost had an anxiety attack from all the people ( remember I live in Humboldt where  there are no people, and it isn’t 8 to go to a matinee or 8 for a hot-dog and soda.

I also bought a friend some Malabrigo in Silk Merino when I was at the Yarn Deli and am debating whether or not to knit it for them or just give it to them?                                                      

Sock Yarn, Lichens, Lavander Cookies, Tea

Hi all still do not know what I am doing about school
 My aunt Emailed me that my other Aunt probley won't live out the week, she has Breast Cancer that tunred in to Brain cancer. SO I am trying to keep busy to not hink of things like that. I wouldn't want anyone to think I am heartless I just can't handle much of people dying nand being sick anymore.

 So I took some pictures. one is of my lichens whihc I  collected last week and the first kind turned out yellow so I over dyed it with a browner  one? But like anyonw oculd tell right? this is suppose to be a sock yarn which i was then going to ply OR something for the YArn museum if I get my butt into gear.

Next Picture of sock yarn as promised Sorry I was trying to catch the bus to school.



So then are some pictures of some sock yarn I have been making at the market, from some fiber that I got in a sampler like thing I am not so sure if It works well see. 
 Ywah I know all this sock yarn and not socks tell me about it. 
 So here was my reward :

 Yes Yummy Yummy lacey cookies with white chocolate and Lavander on top goes great accompanyied by : Teas gotten on trip wither Princess Grey ( roses grey tea and lavender):

Santa Monica Fiber fest-Michael Cook and Judith Mackenzie McCuin

Yeah well after a long trip back to Arcata with the Sonata and a rolly luggage as a carry on ( please dont ask how I managed this). I still am unsure if I can stay because a teacher still ahsn't let me know about getting into a major calss. But I have pictures. I need to post one of the wonderful sock yarn I made but I just brought the flash chip not the camera.
         So this all happened at the Santa Monica FIber Fest:

            I took  Judith MacKenzie McCuin  class on how to make sock yarn, a three ply of course and it was wonderful. Lets see what pictures I have.

So in general Santa Monica was ok ( did I mention that it took me two hours to get there and three to get home and that I about died? Ok just checking Oh and when I got home I found out my dad was in the hospital) , The fiber was lacking  ( sorry I forgot to take those pictures, but see BSG for CH) there were only about three booths but one of them was Carolina Homespun, who doesn't love Morgaine? She is a great lady and had everything we could need.

But then there was Also Michael Cook of Wormspit. Who while I have raise some of his more exotic silk moths it was great to meet him in person. But unfortunately I only got a brief demo with Morgaine and Judith because we were out lunch break and by the time we got done he was gone. But wow does he know his silk, talking to him and Judith is like talking to an encyclopedia. My mom took his silk reeling class the next day and she said it was great!. I was going to take pictures of her stuff but I forgot and she is down south and I am up north. No picture f him but here is his set up: 

I always have so much fun at a fiber even ans seem to learn so much. It was worth coming back up for.